Guess who’s back, back again.

No, I have not successfully migrated to Tumblr as was the original intention, because for an assortment of reasons, I couldn’t find time to blog. Now that I have some time some 3, 4 days later, I’ve lost the urge for low-fat blogging. So I’m back here. Admittedly, I was a bit swayed by your comments.. for if I cannot  provide relief for friends at work, how can I call myself a good friend! Haha.

I haven’t been blogging mostly because work is keeping me occupied at work, and A is keeping me occupied after work. The only reason why I’m blogging now is because I decided that I need to sleep in my own bed at least once a week to get my money’s worth. Also have to use the speakers once a week minimum, ditto for Nespresso machine. What’s the point of gadgeting up when I’m not at home most of the times, I sometimes wonder. Nonethless..

I’m bound for Beijing and Shanghai this Sunday for a business trip which is awesome because I’m finally getting the exposure I need (which comes along with a change n boss). Also it’s been a while since I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons, so now’s a good time to stock up on travel-sized L’Occitane toiletries. Yay. Did I mention that I’ve L’Occitaned my entire house (that refers to the two halves of my bathroom); it just smells sooo good, better than Molton Brown. Molton makes me feel and think like I smell like a granny. I’ve yet to ascertain that fact, remind me to ask the A tomorrow.

In other news, work is good. The business is growing at a time when traders are losing billions; at a time when banks are cutting heads; at a time when my ex-colleagues are ringing me up to ask if there at opportunities at my current firm. I have global counterparts for my sector, which means there’s actually breadth to the research and opportunities for global products. My team is nice, my boss actually eats and laugh, and I no longer feel bad about going out for lunch or leaving before 9pm.

Of course, there are long hours to be had and a tough journey ahead, but when I see reason and sense in it, it’s worth the climb. Feeling like you’re part of the team as opposed to a slave is also tremendously empowering.

It’s Friday so quickly, and I have a date, defined as nice dinner as opposed to rolling out in shorts to a nearby eating place, with the A on Saturday. I spend so much time with him, and am so happy, I’m in danger of uttering the L word. I meant Like. Love is to be taken seriously, and to be honest I’m genuinely terrified by it. So no Lo in 2011 I predict, just a hell lot of Li. 🙂 Have a nice day tomorrow everybody, and thank you as always for reading my blog, muah.


5 thoughts on “Guess who’s back, back again.

  1. frie says:

    i find that L’Occitane smells too strong.. or any pleasant scents to rec?

    molton brown can be very western smelling meaning lots of scents that appeal to westerners rather than asians ..?
    but the hand cream is nice.

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