It’s just weird

I was just reminded me of an awkward moment when I was at dinner and realized everyone on that table had read my blog before. The awkwardness stems from how I’m (I admit) unnervingly open on my blog, whereas in real life, I definitely don’t go around rambling about what I think/feel to everyone. So there’s a disconnect between the Amanda you read, and the Amanda you talk to, and it’s at times difficult to reconcile the two. Not that I mind having people know everything about me, it’s just weird when I realize they do. It is also disturbing that I don’t know 490 out of the 500 readers I get every day, because I can only think of 10 people in this world, off my mind, who would read my blog. I get surprised now and then, when I get a comment from an ex-colleague, ex-schoolmate, faraway friends whom I never knew knew the existence of this blog. And these are only verified from comments; imagine the rest that don’t comment. Again, not that I mind, it’s just weird. 😛


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