Tar potholes and my defense of A/X

I sank my entire heel into a puddle of tar this morning. A asked why I don’t look where I’m going, and I replied that hell, I was walking on the road. If I had to inspect every road I walk on for mini potholes filled with tar (what are the odds?), I would not get very far and I’m a very busy person with lots of places to go to. I thank God they were only a pair of Zara heels.

This is driving home a new resolve: I will NOT buy expensive heels ever. I will be one of them women who earn lots of money (yes, please!) and do not wear expensive shoes. My girlfriend always says my heels look like I go trekking in them, and I am really quite hard pressed to differ. My last pair of expensive shoes started going downhill the first day I wore them when I sank the precious leather heel down an air vent on the floor. Again, WHY are there air vents on the floor!

In other news, I went for my exit interview today and am now officially ‘released’ from my former employer. I also bought a sparkly dress and very silk blouse from A/X.

S used to say Armani Exchange is not even Armani; the fashion house apparently licensed the brand to an American company so the designs are American (i.e. not as good as Italian). A cursory Wikipedia search suggests he was espousing rubbish. Anyhow, while I always considered the brand beleaguered and class-challenged at times, I have, on occasion, stumbled upon beautiful pieces. If there’s two things I can say in its defense: the cutting is always excellent, and the clothes actually do last a long time. I keep wearing and amortising them, and they never let me down.


3 thoughts on “Tar potholes and my defense of A/X

  1. davus says:

    Defense Against the Dark Abysses (on the road)

    1) Buy a fashionable but somewhat expendable pair of flats, sneakers, whatever for treacherous urban terrain

    2) Carry a fashionable shoe bag to carry your dress shoes/heels or flats alternately

    – You’ll get perfect excuses to do more shopping and accessorize more.
    – You’ll solve your pothole problems, extend the life of your dress shoes, and always have the option of not killing your feet.
    – Your flexible and pragmatic way of handling this problem will likely impress the dude.

    If he still behaves like an a-hole, emasculate him a tad by getting him to carry the shoe bag.

    A|X is not class challenged, just because it’s cheaper! Don’t be pigs!

  2. amandina says:

    it is!! have u seen their racks sometimes, particularly the t-shirts? they look like they were designed by a martian under the impression that italian = hideous graffiti prints. p.s. appreciate the defense against the dark arts LOL.

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