First look

Here is my new place! I still have lots left to do to make it pretty but already I’m loving the space and brightness! Happy, A is coming home today and he is bringing back ondeh ondeh for me 🙂 happier about the A but ondeh is a good bonus too 🙂

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6 thoughts on “First look

  1. sandt says:

    pretty lattice screens.. and the infamous glass window between the living room and bathroom haha !
    oooh fancy sink in the toilet.. looks like a nice place..

    the worse thing abt apartment living is nasty neighbours.
    those who say mean and horrible things and nosiy instrument practising at all hours of the day and unhygenic coughing nose blowing and burning of smelly things

  2. amanda@work says:

    hahaha yes i realised while showering that the blinds arent exactly flushed. so i can still look out into the living room while showering….!

    oh my neighbor seems OK. he is a travelling guailo and his aunt came over to say hello to me and invited me in. guailos are very friendly. so i got peeps at my neighbors place before even meeting him!

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