First year report card

I just had a bowl of cart noodles sans the noodles for dinner. In it was fried fish skin and pig’s blood. Soon I will be eating intestines off a styrofoam bowl by the road side. Without much fanfare, I crossed my first anniversary here in HK, and today marked the first anniversary at my firm. I realised it only because the relocation folks came to return my passport with a new extension for my work visa.

This one year passed by like a dream, and by that I mean fleeting and remarkably hard to grasp when trying to recall precise details. My first few months at work were extremely tough, but once that past, it became a lot easier. I learnt a lot, and now possess a lot more to leverage in future. On that, I’m happy and even proud. Along the way, I adopted a new work mantra: leave work early whenever you can, because life’s not about clocking in the hours particularly when you already clock more than a regular human being.

I made several good friends, although I would love to have more girlfriends in this city. For some reason, I find it easier to click with guys than girls here, a departure from my old life in which I undisputedly had more girlfriends than guy ones. Friends have become so important to me, at times even more important than love, for they bridge all the lonely moments and support you in ways you never knew you needed.

I went through several men, not in the eat-them-up-and-toss-them-our-along-with-the-trash way, but in the sense that I met and went out with several, all in good faith. Not all worked out clearly, and I will not bore you with the details except to say that putting all their initials together, I can spell MATS several times over. Strange coincidence. So eager am I to locate that domestic, stable DNA strain within me; I hope that a year from now, I will still be talking about the same A.


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