Enough about the shitty stuff;

Let’s talk about nice stuff.

I’m moving into my new place this coming weekend! (I have to, before I get evicted from my present place on the 22nd.) A said he’s excited too because he can dapian while I shower, due to the split-nature of the toilet. If you need to take a poop after showering, you have to run through the living room, naked. Chua also pointed out that due to the open view, I need to turn down at least three blinds, four if I include the one between the glass window between my shower and the living room, before I can shower. What can I say, the landlord is one kinky fellow named Nicholas. I have a sworn hatred for him already because 1) he is my age and already is alandlord; 2) he refuses to include a washing machine. Which means I have to get my own washing machine and wth am I going to do with a washing machine in HK 5 years down the road? All in all, very excited to move to a nice, quiet, gentile neighborhood with Yomama just down the road.


7 thoughts on “Enough about the shitty stuff;

  1. davus says:

    get a maid to do the laundry, or just hit the laundromat man.

    split toilet is always better than a “cozier” setup that allows you to shit, shower and brush your teeth all at the same time.

  2. amandina says:

    i likes it that my readers enjoy discussing about shit.

    its such an essential part of life yet many shy away from the topic….

    janse> ya lo this nicholas sounds v weird.

  3. amandina says:

    christine> YES — AGREE. i lovelovelove my mattress; in fact i custom-made it because a regular HK-sized mattress doesnt fit into my bed frame.

    jane> all the time 😦

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