Of cut-label dresses

Buying one makes you like the smartest person alive because you scored like a 95% discount off Lanvin? Mmm. No, my friend. You’re just grossly overpaying for a dress that has been mass-produced in Shenzhen, had a nice label slapped on, then slashed to make it look like overstock of the real stuff.

True story.

Last year, I visited a shop in Shenzhen. The wholesale price for a cut-label Marc Jacobs was something like Rmb300-400. Today I saw the same dress at a cut-label boutique in Causeway Bay going at HK$750.

That said, overstock do exist, and sometimes they can be found. It’s just a matter of knowing your stuff, and learning how to identify good fabric and workmanship. I think the surest-fire way to reject one if it comes tagged in S, M and  – no self-respecting label does that.

Anyway, so after trawling through an entire mall of cut-label boutiques, I ended up with a very nice, luxuriously-detailed dress from Hanii Y at HK$250! I think (hope) it’s a score because 1, it’s tagged in numerical sizes, and 2, who the hell would bother faking a Hanii Y dress?


7 thoughts on “Of cut-label dresses

  1. amandina says:

    try Apple Mall in Causeway Bay (i was recommended to go there), 54-70 Lee Garden Road, Hong Kong. There are also a couple along Queen’s Road East and Johnston Road in Wanchai (walk east away from Pacific Place)

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