Being healthy is all good but boring

Being healthy is so boring! I slept early last night and went for yoga this morning and had a fruit juice for lunch instead of having yum cha. And now I’m healthy.. but bored. If I had partied last night I would still be sleeping now, or having an eggs benedict or two. A texted me yesterday from Ulgiii (with three ‘i’s); he’s coming home tomorrow! ^^


3 thoughts on “Being healthy is all good but boring

  1. Ying says:

    Hi Amanda, i am heading to hongkong in Oct. Do you know of any affordable accommodations located near shopping area? =) Thanks in advance….

  2. amandina says:

    hello, depends what type of shopping ure looking for (and also whats your idea of affordable)… on kowloon side novotel (near mongkok) seems popular with singaporeans, and on hk side, u can try excelsior (near causeway bay)…… haha sorry, not too familiar with hotels, but i’ll ask around for ya if you have more deets!

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