Tuesday thoughts

I just had some 车仔面 (cart noodles) for dinner. Can’t get enough of them! I am so, so, soooo tired. I had three sets of results coming out in a span of 12 hours, 2 before the US market opened, and one after it closed. You know what I think of time zones?  They fuck up people living on the other side of the world.

On a brighter note, I can’t wait for A to be back, sign the lease for my new place and move in! On a somewhat contradictory note, S has been talking to me pretty often and he’s… actually nice. You know, nice in the way men get when they want you back. It’s like he reinvented him as a new, improved version 5.0 of himself, and I can’t help but recall that he has been, thus far, the only person I have ever wanted to marry.

That in itself is a problem. Because if I take my life and model it on a spreadsheet, like I do at work for practically everything, the only logical way to maximize value is to focus on building sustainable, accretive relationships with one key value driver; not lumpy, one-off items every quarter or so. A theory which is practically begging me to revisit the S.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughts

  1. amanda@work says:

    i think it was 288 or something, look for anthony – he’s really really good!

    top5? mm. haha. i dont like fancy dining so i tend to prefer al fresco options, especially italian – la villa, pietrasanta, oso, ps cafe (i know – lame), akashi (at the orchard whatever hotel), i will let you know if i think of more! im very loyal ie unadventurous….. 🙂

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