I wish he were around to help out.. I’m pathetic at making property-related decisions.

Viewed one today, 550sqf at 12k. That’s extremely decent, considering rents are hovering around 15k these days. Place is bright and airy too, with an oven (apparently this is very rare in HK), with a raw cement finish to the toilet making it look like something out of a a industrial-modernist hotel. The catch is that it’s an old building so the corridor and lobby looks like something out of a HK triad scene.


Would you take it? A cheap, good-value apartment with a real shitty lobby and staircase?


2 thoughts on “help!

  1. YuHui says:

    If shitty applies to only to the state of the lobby and corridors, then I would think that’s fine. We had really shitty corridors back in Beijing and none of us dared to go home alone (maybe except Shou Woon haha)

    If it’s dimly lit and looks unsafe in general, don’t la, your safety and well-being is worth more than that.

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