Back on the rooftop, my favorite space here in this house. It’s drizzly, I’m smoking and having a cup of Nespresso. The milk steamer is gorgeous to use; there’s something about the silent sexy whirr of gadgets that make me excited. I’m very tempted to get one for myself now.

In 4 hours, the boy is leaving HK for Mongolia. I’m slightly paranoid, I’m not so sure he can rough it out in minus ten degrees for 2 weeks trekking the High Altai range of mountains, snow-capped. I’m worried his ankle will disappear after wearing those hiking shoes that he never broke in; that he gets some kind of dirt/damp-related rash which is why I went to great lengths to procure some prickly heat powder (surprisingly difficult to find in HK); that he gets altitude sick which is why I went to my doctor to get mountain disease medicine (it really is called that).

I land in HK tonight, missing him by 8 hours. I know I’m going to miss him terribly.

The boys are still sleeping. I woke up early, for some reason, and gave up my couch to S who had been sleeping on the cushioned but narrow strip of window bay. There are many cushions, couches and soft spots in this place, which is heavenly and fortunate for us squeezing four people in a one bedroom suite. As the shortest, I got the couch (no privileges for being a girl here). I am very well rested, after being pummeled into submission by a massage therapist last evening. Deep tissue, my favorite.


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