FML, nice beach btw

My iphone camera suddenly stopped working; then the flash  couldn’t turn off – I was literally going around with a perma torch light even when the battery was drained; then a message popped up and said the iphone had to cool down before being used. FML+WTF. It’s like 2 weeks old and already at risk of spontaneously combusting!!! The iphone is in the fridge now. Sigh.

Anyways. Twin Palms is very pretty! Definitely another recommendation for Phuket. I’ve always loved the restaurant here, but never stayed before. Twin Palms is at Surin which in my opinion is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket. I also like Karon and Kata. Today we rented a 4WD and beach-hopped from Surin all the way south to Proemthep Cape, Rawai and Chalong. Dropped by a muay thai gym and bumped into the world no.1 champion Saenchai, true story. The boys are training tomorrow at 7.30am while I eat breakfast by the hotel pool. Had dinner at the famous Baan Rim Pa, also another recommendation for the road. Very excellent Thai food, although pricy.

Here’s a picture before my phone went kaput.


2 thoughts on “FML, nice beach btw

  1. Yu Hui says:

    OMG the wave. Gorgeous!

    Anyway your phone might have an overheating problem, my previous manager had that. He went for a one-for-one replacement thereafter.

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