脸书 = facebook!

6:34 PM Colleague
show me more about the online stuffs….
i am very traditional old man inside….
very outdate
你为什么在 脸书上 说 好幸福?
your bf propose to you?


7 thoughts on “脸书 = facebook!

  1. Yu Hui says:

    Yeah Taiwan has a way of making things sound a little better. Haha

    Anyway, I have a friend moving to HK to work for HSBC in global sales. Do you have a trusty housing agent to recommend?

  2. Yu Hui says:

    We might have different perception of nice. HAHA. Yeah he’s nice. His name is Ernst.

    I think he should be heading there next week – he will be staying at a serviced apartment first.

  3. amanda@work says:

    that’s true. my grandfather always told me to be wary of nice people…….

    well ask him to drop me a line if necessary; if he is interested to view wanchai area, can go together.

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