I had a very nice weekend, and it has a lot to do with the boy. We had an awesome ‘this-does-not-feel-like-HK’ moment this afternoon, the first dry one in a long time, at a rooftop cafe, drinking iced coffee, sharing a chocolate brownie and reading SCMP. Perfect, just like how a lazy Sunday afternoon ought to be. I whispered to him that our moment of bliss must have something to do with being above the smog, but really it was a feeling of 幸福 brought on by simply being with him.

I love it that even though he is as straight and conservative as bankers go, he’s happy to let me be; boho, off-tangent and un-invested. He doesn’t laugh when I tell him I don’t know how to set up a personal account, despite being three years in the industry, but he listens when I talk about work, giving credibility to my views even though he has a few years of  experience more than I do. When I pondered over whether to pick up another copy of Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being, he told me that it’s too hard for him, and went off to buy a book that can help him improve his poker game.

As dusk fell, I scooted over to his chair and we poured through property listings for my next apartment, the unspoken word being that I want to move nearer to him and presumably, we would still be walking over to each other’s place for the duration of my next lease. It was a warm, fuzzy, heady and slightly worrying feeling. So he’s off to shoot a game of pool with his friends and I’m about to embark on a culinary adventure… what should I make for dinner today!


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