I am finally an iPhoner! I almost lost my phone Sat night on the cab (the same ride in which I turned around to check the seats after alighting and the boy commented “very good you check before you leave”) and a Chinaman picked it up and returned it to me. Which goes to show how truly, undesirable a Samsung Galaxy phone is.

I am going to give the boy an initial – “N” in recognition of that fact I’ve been referring to him consistently enough since.. well, April. Surely that counts for something, despite some background noises here and there.

We spent last night testing out his new sleeping bag and ‘mat for the sleeping bag’. The latter helps you have a good night’s sleep despite sleeping on branches and twigs apparently. Also tested out this new funky bandana that lets you make headgear in 10 different styles. I am as excited even though I am not going trekking in Mongolia in two weeks. Will miss.


9 thoughts on “iphone!<3

  1. YuHui says:

    I am also on the verge of tearing out my hair because my boss likes wants everything instantly. Hahaha but he’s a good mentor so that helps a lot.

    Jiayou woman!

  2. amandina says:

    yeah-wow. he is trying to convince me that hes fit enough to do it. or rather, himself hahahaha. the boy went to climb mt kilimanjaro on the stairmaster for 15minutes the other day and came back exhausted. niaha.

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