A run-of-the-mill type day; don’t bother if you’re looking for kicks.

I am deeply contented. Even if I had a very run-of-the-mill type of day, involving waking up at 5.30am, going into the office at 6.30am, churning out a couple of notes, having a salad for lunch and far too many shortbread cookies in between, dragging my coworker out for Korean BBQ together with a bunch of colleagues, chatting on office IM and emailing friends on what flights to take and what villas to stay in on our next beach holiday, texting him occasionally throughout the day and attaching emails as evidence to cover my ass and one-up my boss. Yeh, it was an OK Monday and my favorite part was when he asked if I would like to have dinner. Hear me crow now: he digs me… (I think!!!)


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