This Peak

So we were debating about men and women again, and the topic was at which point each would peak in attractiveness and desirability. D said technically I should be peaking now, then peered at me closely and asked, do YOU think you’re at your peak? To be honest, if this is what the peak is, I might as well kill myself now for the future must look so, so bleak.

I said I think I peaked at 21, when I was at my skinnest and most beautiful. D said rubbish; apart from a hot body, there is nothing very attractive about a vacuous, idealistic little young thing. (He says this from experience.) This is why D is my friend. He errs on the right side of my interests.

Then I said I probably experienced a second peak when I whipped myself into tip-top shape to get Maldives-ready for S. But I did not feel too Peakish either. I was tense, emotional and completely de-brained by him.

Now that I’m in such a consummating job, carrying eyebags ample enough to contain pearls in them, I most definitely cannot be at my peak. Oh no.

But aren’t you attracting more men now than before, he prodded.


But I attributed it more to being in HK than me peaking.

That said, since I theoretically should be at my peak now, I shall begin channelling ALL my energies into ascending gloriously to this fabled Peak which is supposed to be mine at 26. Hello Peak, it’s been a while!


3 thoughts on “This Peak

  1. hi amanda, looking good in your latest post! (:
    i love this entry, it reminds me of a very charming older man who once told me that men his age do not find nubile young things attractive at all. he claims, they dont know anything and they want everything. he let go of my hand, looked away and asked, what am i doing with you? until today, i cant quite figure if it was an insult or he was just confused. at 23, im definitely not peaking, yet. (i hope)

  2. amandina says:

    hello christine! nice to hear from you! thank you, you always look good, needless to say! nah, you cannot be peaking. you are gloriously ascending too; come talk to me in 3 years time and we can trade have-we-peaked-or-not stories LP

  3. haha! 3 years time would definitely be interesting. i’ll be graduating by then. we’ll see what London turns me into! and maybe within the 3 years, you’ll learn to avoid drifter types and settle down for good! 😛

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