of this and that, and moments in time.

It’s been a slow day. There is a chick floating somewhere in the department next to mine and she’s wearing the same Zara blouse I have on. I try to play it down, despite inadvertently bumping into her thrice today, but people keep feeling that they ought to point it out to me, as if I were oblivious. I guess it did not occur to them that the oblivion could have been feigned.

So today in total I received four comments on my hair (did you cut it?) and five on my blouse mishap. If you include the ten comments I fielded last Saturday on my hair (did you cut it?), that’s a total of 14 people asking after my hair in three days (and no, I did not cut it). But guess what? I’m going to cut it this evening. It will be hilarious if no one notices tomorrow.

So how was your weekend! I know it’s way past Monday morning now, which eliminates the need for elevator de rigeur questions such as these, but I’m genuinely interested. Maybe also, to some extent, because I’d like to share about my weekend, and I believe in two-way conversations. One of my new year resolutions was to stop being so fixated on myself ha, ha, ha.

So squiding turned out to be pretty fun, although we only managed to catch something like 10 squids between 35 of us. To be honest, I wouldn’t have eaten the squids anyway; god knows I was ashing liberally into the South China Sea, assuming of course that that was what we were on. The typhoon no. 1 was hoisted just a day before, so we were luckily the skies held well.

HK is painfully humid in summer. But it’s also at its most alive; when people start chartering out boats and junks; when chatter turn to wakeboarding and which resort you last went to. It doesn’t make me hate the weather less, but the abundance of activities more than makes up for it. Next stop: Phuket (so, so looking forward to it!), and then diving lessons! For better or for worse, he’s stuck with me – and I swear, it was not a ploy on my part.

I don’t know why I’m convinced he’s not going to stick around for long. I think it’s a combination of a fallout effect from the last guy I went out with, the transitory traits of people passing in and out of HK, and dire warnings from my girlfriend who tells me that men here are really not looking for serious relationships. I’m not entirely sure I’m looking for one either, but I sure as hell have no intention of being played like a rag doll.

Maybe that’s how everyone feels, who knows?

I have built in such low expectations that when he agreed to go squiding, I was surprised because it marked, to me at least, a transition from private world to public. I was even apprehensive, another fallout effect from being with S which led me to half expect him to act as if he was better than everyone else and above something as lame as squid fishing (you have to appreciate that on some level, it was lame).

Well, nothing like that happened. What was I thinking, being so neurotic? I should have more confidence in my ability to pick someone normal after being with someone so abnormal. To me, the clincher moment, that one moment in time which would remain in your memories, was when he held my hand to help me get off the boat. I can be cheesy like that, but of course I only spill the cheese here. Haha.

Speaking of abnormalities, S has been calling me over the past week and his latest plan is to move to Singapore, and possible HK. I can’t begin to fathom what to make out of this. Oh, and he wants me to send more hair clay too.


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