go figure

I just received a call from Tung and Nong; they’re with S. I have an indestructible bond with a few of my exes by virtue of our shared, and collectively powerful, memories of long rambling hours spent together discussing life at Tung’s tattoo shop, over waterys cup of Nescafe and far too many cigarettes.

S, in an unusual twist of events, has surfaced from nowhere, starting with a phonecall a day after my birthday (the next day he updated his relationship status to In a Relationship), then another call a week later in which I learned that he has broken up with Relationship Girl.

And he’s in Bangkok now, like today, getting another tattoo to bring his total to three, which beats having two because in Korean culture, having an even-numbered number of tattoos brings bad luck. Go figure. He wanted to meet up, but I’m due home in just under 10 hours. So he wanted to fly down to Singapore for lunch (go figure again), but flights are impossible. So now he’s thinking to fly me somewhere… for lunch (go super majorly figure!)


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