wadya know-i is back from the world of the loved.

I was reminded by a friend today that I still have a blog. That’s right, I near forgot. I apologize! Havimg four four-day-weeks in a row is completely spoiling me. It started with Good Friday, then Easter Monday then I think it was Qing Ming (maybe); yesterday was Buddha’s Birthday.

I had such a nice day off, I couldn’t decide whether today felt more like mid-week, or like Monday. Granted I had to come back to work to attend to a couple of calls, but the after-work-math was perfect. A perfect blue-skies type of day, when you come out of the office, take a lungful of fresh (or as fresh as it can be) and walk hand in hand down Queen’s Road Central to Soho, when absolutely nothing can tear me away from sitting out in the open. 

We hung out at The Pawn (it used to be a pawn shop), sitting there with trams passing by behind us. I only wished I had a book. I recently inherited a big fat book on LKY, but in light of the recent comments he made re Aljunied, I’m a bit loathe to go read about him now. Boo ya.

I am very in like, and trying not to be. (Just fyi.)

Anyway, just a thought — I have severely revised my expectations of life downwards. I don’t need a bag, or new heels. Or maybe I do. But a new bag and new heels do not make me intensely satisfied the way a good meal does, or a good laugh, or a good night’s sleep. Hell, even perfect weather makes me feel so damned good I’m wondering what’s the point I’m working so hard for if it’s all the intangible (and free) things in life that I’m secretly lusting for. Just a thought.

OK — out of the office soon, back in 5 hours. By the end of this week, I’ll be more than halfway done with 1Q11 results season.


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