I celebrated my birthday with BOBs this year, the surest indication that all my love and faith in them is well-placed. Receiving a 公主病 (jong ju behng) cake and having them sing some Chinese song to me in lieu of a Happy Birthday song because that was the only song S could play on the guitar beats having a mega party at the club, or a romantic dinner. That said, I will still have both this Saturday because I’m  rescheduling my birthday to 7 May, for convenience’s sake. Haha. This year, I wish for health and lots of time!!


4 thoughts on “公主病蛋糕

  1. amanda@work says:

    i am what. hahahahaha. but i’m tired and loved which beats energetic and unloved HAHA.

    this week has been absolutely heinous. and i got 4 results next week. FML.

  2. YuHui says:

    HAHA jiayou! And remember to send me models! It’s already my last week at work! Need to start working on learning models for the new job 😉

    You should have been in Singapore for the GE man. It was exciting like.. I have no words for it. hahaha.

    It’s ok you are paid well for it 😉 and you are loved! 🙂 We all know how impt that is 😉

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