It’s crazy. We were all at dimsum, a bunch of us Singaporeans, and we were talking about politics and the ongoing elections back home. I don’t follow news back home at all, but thanks to Facebook – I’ve read more editorials and watched more rally speeches than I ever thought I would. It is incredible to watch all of this going on – the first time the opposition has seemed so credible, the first time I’ve seen my peers get politically-involved, or at least in discourse, the first time many of us actually get to vote, and the first time I see signs of the status quo being challenged.

Sadly I’m not voting, because I did not register before the Writ was issued (still very indignant that they’re making it so un-transparent and difficult for overseas Singaporeans to vote) and I don’t have the time to fly home to vote.

I’m listening to Chiam See Tong now. My grandfather, who is the same age as him and LKY, used to like him very much. On the other hand, I’m disturbed by this: (to Aljunied GRC) you will regret if you vote opposition. Wth!?


3 thoughts on “voting

  1. Yu Hui says:

    Am disturbed by what the papers have written about dr Chee starting a protest march when he was just staying back to shake hands and sign autographs. Apparently he is bankrupt tt’s why he only appear after the rally but the papers wrote he was speaking at the rally (against law for bankrupt cases to address crowd.


  2. N says:

    sigh. why does the media have to report as such instead of just remaining the way they are – which is apparently a joke in the social networking sphere already…

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