Wilson Trail was gorgeous, but instead of ending up at Stanley, we ended up at Quarry Bay!? To put things into perspective, Quarry Bay is north of HK Island and Stanley is all the way in the south. Haha. Went to Sai Wan Ho for a very excellent lunch and chilled afterward in a cafe in total bliss. Weather was perfect — very cool (strange for this time of the year), drizzly at times, windy at most, trail was completely empty…  Very contented 🙂


6 thoughts on “幸福

  1. amandina says:

    haha yeh. but it was super misty so couldnt really see much haha

    i blame the mist for us getting compleeeetely hopelessly lost. lol!

  2. sandra says:

    Can i ask you personal and sensitive questions?
    May i know what is yr ht and weight ?
    Cos i need to know the measurement of clothes from Scarlette compared your wearing clothes from scarelette .

    To me , you are So Skinny than me 🙂


  3. amandina says:

    im NOT skinny. 158cm, 47kg!
    scarlette is my baby. so as i get fat, the clothes also become more forgiving HAHA — give it a try!! 🙂

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