post-earnings season is like Christmas

I’ve been going home early – like reaaaally early at 6-7pm – for the past 2 days and it’s been so great! I can’t get enough of post-earnings season, it’s like Christmas! 🙂 I typically go home and run errands like buy pillows, bathroom rugs and running shoes (Monday) or change light bulbs, make plans for yoga and buy sweatpants (yesterday). Tben I go home and chill somemore before going for a run at (the admittedly tiny) Victoria Park. Is feelings healthy! 🙂


6 thoughts on “post-earnings season is like Christmas

  1. minliii says:

    haha. you sound so super happy at being able to go home at like 6-7pm..it’s something we do here everyday. when do you usually go home then?!

    anyways are you gonna be in HK april 9-14? will that still fall under the post-earnings season? *crosses fingers*

  2. amandina says:

    haha.. like closer to 11pm onwards?? i feel so weirdddd when i leave early la (like maciam im not working hard enough) but whatever. anyways. YES IT IS STILL CHRISTMAS. are you coming! comecome! we can party. and you can be my date to go hiking. cos we are going hiking on 10th april haha.

  3. minliii says:

    i am 90% confirmed, we’re ironing out accomodation and flight details! WOOHOO! one thing tho…hiking? like where? is it bukit timah hill equivalent because you should know as your hiking date i am really, very unfit/unhealthy HAHA!

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