daylight robbery of my Loubs fund

Just when I thought I have finally emerged from my Great Era of Depression and Massive Liquidation, I learn that the only filling I have in my mouth managed to crack and there is now some kind of decay going on beneath and apaprently I need a root canal treatment. At 15k HKD. Hello, daylight robbery.

I am massively devastated. I was JUST thinking of buying myself a pair of new shoes and overnight my Loubs fund suddenly turned into a kill-the-root-canal-nerve fund. Unfairrr! I am tempted to just let it rot there, since the end effect will be the same — dead nerves, fucked up tooth.

Maybe I can go home to do it, and shun bian visit my family. Maybe I can go to BKK to do it, and shun bian get a new tattoo. Maybe I can go to SZ to do it, and shun bian get a massage. Mmm.


12 thoughts on “daylight robbery of my Loubs fund

  1. Y says:

    I have this thing abt spending minimal on things that’s can’t be seen on urself or make u look better. Haha… So very bimbo

  2. amandina says:

    yeah but im scared it rots and no one will ever kiss me again….. anw yeah, dental benefits are like shit. just like hw my relocation benefit covered only my bed, dental will only probably cover 1/10 of the crown or sth.

  3. Kallie says:

    I did my root canal and crowning for less than $800 at alexandra hospital. $15K HKD is ridiculous… I think u can get 3 SQ air tickets back to SG + the whole treatment with that amount of money.

  4. Sharon says:

    I think letting your tooth rot isn’t an option. The pain will drive u to do the root canal treatment sooner or later.

    I ignored a tooth that was decaying (cuz it was located next to my wisdom tooth in an awkward position) for ages and ages…. until I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. I literally spent the next few hours googling for the nearest dentist and heading to their office the moment they opened. It was THAT painful. >__<

    The HK price is really ridiculous though! I did mine in AU, the land of overpriced medical care, and it was just AUD1.2k~…

  5. joy says:

    Try calling another dentist to get another quote? Lookup Bailey & Jackson (they are at Jardine House). Think last time they quoted me 4k HKD!!

  6. amandina says:

    haha yeah i know. i was too lazy to do it today. ok i call tommorrow. 4k is super cheap! but maybe they quoted you root canal only. because apparently i need root canal + crown = $$$$$$$$$

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