sevens wkend

True to promise,  my weekend was packed to the brim. And it delivered, wonderfully. Sevens was fun although I watched all of ten minutes of the match and spent the rest of the afternoon trooping around from box to box, drinking and collecting gifts. Among which was a pair of furry white DB leg warmers (their theme was Siberian Sevens). Haha.  I was lucky to be in the good hands of one of those connector types, who know the whole world, and introduce you to the whole world. I feel like I’ve been set for life, at least for the social aspect.

Post-sevens, I met BOBs for dinner, and some of us went partying after. LKF was insanely packed, like all the way from Lei Dou to LKF Tower and everyone was drunkenly splashing beer around. I had beer splashed on my legs, thanks to a crazy guailo. There was a party at Prive, and I met a couple of friends there, and it struck me for a minute last night that hey, I have socialized in the course of the past 2 months and now I actually know people here aside from BOBs! It was a gratifying moment haha.

In the most ironic way, I met a guy who said, hey you’re xxx’s friend right. What happened? He told me you guy weren’t together anymore. (At which I thought to myself, you mean we were together?) But anyways. I ended up moving to their party at D-I where I met more of his friends. It was a bitt weird, but I guess I was hoping I would meet xxx. But he never showed up and my plan to bump into him and then ignore him kinda failed. Instead I got a text at 6am saying, I heard you were with my friends. And that was that.


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