One of those good hk nights

Last night was one of those good HK nights. And I’m going out on a date later today. Am done with carrying my heart on my sleeve and let some moron take it, hold it, pamper it a little, hear things about it from some other organ or body part perhaps, reassess it, slowly let it roll off his palm, and let it crash against the floor. Hopefully my date won’t be a moron as well. Because I am super anti-moron now.

Said he was apprehensive about it from things he heard about me, which is the lamest excuse I’ve heard in my book , which is rather extensive. He also said he didn’t want an unstable r/s, particularly a long distance one, which is perfectly valid (I’m not unreasonable) — but 1, he should have thought about it earlier, and 2 which is the part I’m most pissed about, he should have been man enough to just tell me as it is.

I was literally in the dark for a few weeks, still foolishly sending heart emoticons. That makes me feel retarded and I hate feeling retarded. And even towards the end, I had to literally force it out of him. If there’s something I learnt out of this, it’s to treat people honestly. I haven’t been the best at this, preferring the escapist and non-confrontational route of ‘letting things die a natural death’, but I know now, how it truly sucks to be at the receiving end of such disrespectful escapism. Think about it.

Anyway — wonderful night. I met a ton of new people, but I wonder if I’ll ever see them again. That’s the thing about getting old, and making new friends; or should it be being in a transient city, and making new friends?

I don’t know, but whatever. I’m ready to rise from the ashes of long-distance (goodbye to you, you, you and you) and enjoy my present. No more miserable weekends watching Korean dramas. SAY NO  TO MISERY!


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