Excuse me, am I a player?


Anyway am a bit backlogged. But I spent all day pretending to be an exporter, with a factory in China, and I was on the phone all day with sales reps. All in a day’s job. Then I had a 1.5h call with a client. And now my mouth is hou tired.

So remind me to blog later, about Sichuan, Korean, Mongkok, Wanchai and being accused of being a player. And of my withering love life which wasn’t much to begin with. 😦

I was quite emo before (hence the silence). Now I am just sad and bewildered.

Life can be quite a beeeyatch sometimes, but I’m suffering from earthquake guilt so I shall not stoke my misery publicly. Suffice to say, dad is doing the morning wakeup calls now.



4 thoughts on “backlogged

  1. amandina says:

    ogay my lang function was like set to mando and i was lazy to change back (but i did it eventually ha ha)


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