In remembrance of the weekend when my parents decided to take the piss out of me

My parents are determined to take the piss out of me.

Me getting ready to go out now evokes an interrogation. Where are you going? To watch a movie. With who? A friend. Which friend. Friend la! That guy ah? So you come back for us or for him? Err you… of course. Then watch movie with us la! We’re watching Black Swan tonight. Wth, shouldn’t you have told me earlier? We already bought tickets!!!

And me going to the airport. So you need us to bring you to the airport? No I will go by myself. Who’s sending you? A friend. That boy? We send you laaa.. Uggghhhhh, don’t need! He’s downstairs waiting! Is it? How about we send you off downstairs? Dadddddd!! Or you need help with your bags? I help you carry… Zzz I said don’t need zz. Ogays I go now ah, bye.

And me texting them bye. Bye dad I goes now. ❤ <3. Why you sound so happy? Err no I’m normal. Bye dad. Mom says you’re over the moon. I’m normal la!!!! Zzzzzz…


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