Eggs and movies

Btw Spruce sucks. I’ve eaten there twice, and both times were bad. In fact, the second time was even worse than the first because the yolk in my Eggs Benny did not burst and flow out like they’re supposed to (according to Masterchef HAHA). They might actually have been in the same non-flowy state during my first visit but since that was pre-Masterchef-enlightenment, I may not have noticed. Wonders of television. 

In other news, The King’s Speech is excellent. I always did like Colin Firth. It was funny because we thought the whole Harry Potter cast reassembled for the movie; so convinced was my date that Geoffrey Rush acted as Dumbledore, as in the second Dumbledore after the first one died. Because Timothy Spall (previously Wormtail) was now Winston Churchhill, and Helena Bonham Carter (previously Bellatrix Lestrange) was now Queen Elizabeth. Hur.


2 thoughts on “Eggs and movies

  1. Van says:

    Your date was not far off because Michael Gambon (previously Dumbledore) played King George V, the father of Colin Firth’s character.

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