Some words

It is with some wistfulness that I am awake at 5am this last night at home. I’ve stayed away longer than I’d expected and homecoming was nothing short of incredible. From the first day at grandma’s, where she cooked up a feast specially for my return, to the last day, which I spent re-shooting some of Scarlette stuff, and holding a mini farewell dinner and drinks of sorts at PS cafe. Everyone I loved was there – Jy, Deb, Ansen, Micki, Cheryl, Qm, Eug (no I am not seeing him again). And those that dropped in, like Austen, and my ex colleagues, I appreciated deeply too.

I’ve been unadulteratedly happy for the past six days and in fact, for the first time, I wished I hadn’t gone out of my way to uproot myself. Had a date with my dad last night too – we completely overindulged in a meal sufficient for four. We talked long, hard and at depth; my dad is one of my bestest friends and I cherish very much how I’m able to tell him everything. So I am leaving completely satisfied, my mind at peace and at ease – sure of what my next steps are going to be. Happy new year to all.

PS — after reshooting The Scarlette, I am stunned to discover all the gems that have been festering in our warehouse while I’ve been gone. Once I put the pictures up, you’re going to be blown away, promise. I’m stealing three dresses back home, one of which is an impeccably sassy crimson hued cocktail dress I’ve completely fallen in love with.

Anyways, putting this picture up because I like how it makes my hair look kinda pretty FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE, FOUR MONTHS, and also because maybe it fits my present contemplative mood. Of course I’m thinking about more things, things not convenient to post up here. In due course maybe. 🙂


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