Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… Wednesday!

Guess what? I sold my garment steamer!!! I always knew I could monetize this blog someday HAHA. And I got to meet up with Joy and her husband over brunch, which was really nice! Then I went to hunt for Qm’s underwear from H&M (mei you) and then bought a gazillion boxes of century eggs from Yung Kee because it’s just more portable than roasted duck – or as J corrected me, roasted goose. Productive day!

Having a bit of a difficulty with my luggage space now. After throwing in the taiyangbings and pineapple tarts from Taiwan, and the century eggs, and two Kindles.. I’m a bit fucked. And to think I wanted to bring back the quilt I got from Siem Reap as well – because there’s really no space on my bed for a fourth quilt.


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