work hard play hard

I love HK and I love my life. Work hard, end late, and still have friends hanging around waiting for you to head out and play hard. I did miss out on KBBQ at my all-time favorite restaurant, but it’s all worth it now because I finally got my appraisal from my boss (at 11pm) and it was good — TGIF!!!!!


2 thoughts on “work hard play hard

  1. amandina says:

    i cannot generalize and say that life elsewhere is better than in sg, but for me – life here is definitely better. i spend a lot less time mooching around the house after work and on weekends and i fulfill more things in a shorter period of time. i’m constantly on the go here, and that makes me feel alive, like i’m living life the way i’ve always thought it should be — juicy, full and exhausting.

    but it’s me really. i have friends who are plained freaked out by the lifestyle i lead. they think i’ve traded down in terms of quality of life, and their view isn’t completely invalid

    i guess which city is ‘better’ depends on the individual. some people aspire to live in melborne, some in new york, some in shanghaisg, some in paris. some think home, wherever it may be, is best. but i don’t think that person is me yet. sg is love, but much too comfortable for my tastes. maybe in another 5-10 years.

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