Amanda Eng Liquidating myself.
12 hours ago via Android · · Like · Comment

Shou Woon likes this.

Shou Woon Does that mean I can get your Kindle 3 at fire sale price? Yay!
8 hours ago · Like

Amanda Eng Pff so opportunistic!
7 hours ago · Like

Zwei Foo Ooh. Do you have a Kindle leather cover for sale??
15 minutes ago · Like

Amanda Eng unfortunately no, amazon took it back when i wasnt home to collect it for like 4 consecutive days lol can i interest you in a siemens hi-power cokokerhood or a phillips garment steamer instead??
14 minutes ago · Like

Zwei Foo Aw shucks. It’s ok, thanks.
11 minutes ago · Like


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Amanda Eng
want a camera?

Zwei Foo
quite the salesperson aren’t you


10 thoughts on “Liquidatinggggggg………

  1. amandina says:

    haha! really! free delivery to midlevels 😀
    btw SQ had a flight going back on Jan 1 — but I can’t even make it for that one now!

    • joy says:

      haha nice – i’ll take the free delivery 🙂 are you arnd this weekend? maybe can do coffee or something too, been a long time. how much you selling for btw, hkd 700?

  2. i would have gotten the LX 5 from you but i already have one. do you still want to sell it? i could help you to ask around on my blog if you want. (: anymore wares you wanna hawk? haha.

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