Like yo… it’s only January,

goes my latest FB status. It’s 2am now, and I’m waiting for production to get back to me with a note. Sounds familiar? Sounds like November/December. Only it’s only January and I’ve got like 11 more months like this to anticipate. C liked my status, just to indulge me haha.

Rolled out of bed at the grand time of 9.07am on my phone which makes it 9.02am in real terms. Brushed teeth, changed and literally ran out. Did not even have time to match clothes and put makeup which resulted in me wearing a pair of black heels, brown pants, red camisole and a beige cardigan. Hello!? Also tried to convince myself that I’m beautiful the way I am — failed. Everyone kept asking me why I looked so tired and I had to explain the overslept-did-not-put-makeup story like a million times.

Everyone except my boss. She was later than me this morning btw, HAHA. Remember how I stole her dried red dates and was panicking about replacing them? Well she brought some dried red dates back from Beijing for me and that’s when I saw L-O-V-E, haha kidding. Anyways like 10 minutes after L-O-V-E, she started getting on my case again about something which I’ve forgotten.. so yeah. Haha. Life is officially back to normal.




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