It’s been a 17-hour day at work

But that’s OK.

What is not OK is that I definitely cannot come back on Jan 28 and I definitely have to stay in HK until Feb 1 at least. Because two companies are reporting on Jan 31 at 8pm and 9.30pm HKT respectively; and the results release of the third remains to be seen. It could be 31 Jan, or 1 Feb. Or 2 Feb (CNYe), god forbid.

What is also not OK is that I definitely will have to go through HELL to fly back. Flights are going for ridiculous amounts now, I saw a flight on HK Airlines (WTH is that?) for almost 10k HKD. Yomama, are you mad!!

I is ultra sad now, and I can’t even do anything until the third company announces its earnings date. Urghsssss.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a 17-hour day at work

  1. the girl who ran to Shanghai says:

    totally understand what you are going through, about the airfares that is; my bro and i are going through this now as well. we have not booked our tickets back to SG (yeah long story sighz), and now the airfares for direct flights from shanghai to SG are at least SGD1800+
    we are trying to explore other options, one being budget airlines. right there is no budget airlines from shanghai to SG, so one way is to fly to HK (and perhaps be there to do few days of shopping!), then back to SG via JetStar or Tiger, for both Shanghai to SG as well as SG to Shanghai.
    but you know what the best part is? it still add up to about SGD1000 for each px!!!
    so worst come to worst, you might want to consider budget as well?

  2. amandina@work says:

    ooh i also saw! not say reasonable (like FCC prices) but not say unreasonable also (less than 1k sgd)haha.

    but i dont dare to buy tickets until the last company confirms their earnings date!!! changing budget flights are the most troublesome and i want to avoid being caught in that situation.


    philippines airlines is flying 2nd Feb 8am, transit manila (dont laugh) and reach SG 2nd Feb 6.35m LOL. MAYBE can still make it for reunion dins.

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