In other news…

* I have an exam to sit for on Jan 22 and if I don’t pass it, my license will be stripped – fun times
* My baby sister has started work as a pastry helper/waitress/barista thing – haha, oh how they grow
* My brother was working as a valet attendant so that he can drive nice cars – HAHA
* Flights booked: 28Jan AM to SG, 6Feb to HK
* But 2 companies want to report FY10 results just before CNY and my boss wants me to stay until then
* But SQ flights are fully booked 1-5 Feb
* So now I’m royally fucked
* Brother is leaving to study in Australia right after CNY – really excited for him!


7 thoughts on “###

  1. amandina says:

    haha… ok i try but i dont think i hv enough to redeem! aah, best bet is to try to work out of sg office, or remote access, or something…….

  2. amandina says:

    ohno! then is the start of school delayed or sth? what r u reading at uni? haha my brothers going to… tasmania, no floods, just penguins maybe! HAHA

  3. amandina says:

    haha.. nicely done!! ahh, i wish i cld go back to sch too! there are all these glorious master programs involving 1 year here, 1 year there type of exchange programs i.e. year-long partying masquerading as studying. sounds so.. enticing!

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