Tarot reading

Guess what! D took me to the tarot card reader in Mongkok today. And yes, I got my cards read. I asked on two topics, love and career.

So love!

First question: is my current bf the right person for me? Answer (comes in four cards depicting past, present, future): (a) you made a rational (logical) decision that he is suitable for you; (b) you are having some uncertainties about whether he is still suitable for you; (c) he will do all he can to reassure you that everything is good; (d) if you tide through this period, things will be stable and harmoniou

Second: will I be with my current bf for a long time? Answer (comes in two cards): (a) it will be stable; (b) marriage, or plans for marriage, is not on the cards for the next 2-3 years

Third: should/will I consider other men? Answer (comes in two cards): (a) there will be some guys in the next 0-3 months, but none you will consider seriously; (b) there will be a serious one in the next 3-6 months which you will consider, and whether you stay with your current bf is based on the decision between this new guy and the current

And I asked about career too (it’s fine), but not really of interest to me at the moment since it’s December and all (season for love, not for work)…

He is good. We estimated he makes 70-100k a month. Haha. Had nice sashimi for dinner! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tarot reading

  1. amandina says:

    haha he used to be at some temple area, but then he made so much money and is now situated in some building. i have no idea where it is, but i can find out for u. he only speaks cantonese and putonghua though, neither of which i am particularly adept in. haha. get a friend to go with you!

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