I have a dilemma. When I botox my cheeks, my face is slimmer but I can’t smile properly. In fact, I look like I’m grimacing (was looking at old pictures circa Dec 2009 – Aug 2010). Now that I’ve gone completely off it, my face is back to the usual shape, i.e. full of cheeks, which in my perfectionist eyes looks fat. But, I can smile naturally now and I actually look happy in my pictures. How? What should I do? Slim cheeks vs. natural smile?


5 thoughts on “Dilemma

    • haha! i totally feel you on this one, ive got chubby cheeks too. apparently, face fat is the hardest to lose. ive been contemplating pilates for the longest time. would be nice to tone up and hopefully lose some face fat. im going aussie next yr to study, kinda hoping 2010 wont end, im gonna miss everyone. before this turns into an essay, hope youre good too and happy new year!
      ps – me thinks youre looking really good now with a fab smile. enjoy the remnants of 2010 amanda! (:

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