I realized that even after moving my blog to a secret place somewhere, I was still censoring myself. Whatever. Short-lived experiment. Erm, guess I will come back here. Haha. Guess what I had for dinner? Eight brussel sprouts (boiled) that have been sitting in my fridge and threatening to go rotten any minute now. I mean, then. Since I ate them up already.

Brought my shoes to the shoe repairman today. He scolded me for ruining my shoes and told me I should be careful when wearing JChoos. True, I concur. Weather suits my mood. Was feeling fucked up and smoked half a pack of lights. I typically can’t do more than 1 light stick an hour so 10 in 3 hours is quite a feat. Thank god Cheryl is coming tomorrow or I might mourn my sorry state until next week. Either that or drive Hyde Park crazy with incessant discourse.


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