Re-post 1

(Because I like keeping posts together)

Has email gone out of fashion? It used to be when friends across the room, departments, companies and countries kept themselves sane at work through email. Now, it’s everything else. From Whatsapp, to office chat, to Bloomberg.. From post-lunch until now, I’ve done nothing but communicate with a gazillion people in a myriad different ways on a million different topics ranging from property, to Michelin starred restaurants, to best dim sum in HK, to fortune tellers, to winning money to Macau…

Impressively, one dinner can turn into four separate channels of conversation (that I almost can’t keep up with):

Whatsapp line 1: At Macdonnell Road | Whatsapp line 2: At Wanchai | Me to line 2: Why you say Wanchai CJ say Macdonnell Road | Me to line 1: Why you say Macdonnell Road Sas say Wanchai lol | Office chat line 3: Looks like your vote is very important. The fight is going on now | Me to line 3: Wanchai vs. Macdonnell Road? Haha. I prefer Wanchai so I can go home and wash my hair | Line 1: Dinner Wanchai | Me to line 2: Haha you won? | Line 3: Wanchai it seems | Me to line 3: I know, I heard | Line 3: See you got no BBG, can’t join in the fight | Me to line 3: You mean the fight is on BBG also? | Line 3 to me: Ah bor why you are not invited | Me to line 3: not my fault we share BBG terminals here..

And somewhere else on my dual screen… Office chat line 4: let me tell you a funny story…

I don’t know about you, but we are obviously not working.


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