kimrobinson hk fail, but weekend pass.

Urghhhh… I miss Anthony! Yes, that’s the name of my stylist in KR Singapore. I think someone was asking me about him a few weeks back and I finally had the time to go to the KR website to look up his bio.

The haircut was so bad, they didn’t even dare charge me and booked me on a free follow-up consultation 6 weeks later. At least they have accountability. Will give them a second chance because I need a regular stylist here, and shared understanding and trust between client and stylist sometimes needs time to build up. Also helps that their lattes and almond cookies are really, really good.

In the meantime, will just keep my hair tied up until 2012. I can live with that.. I guess.. don’t think hair extensions are an option at this point in time.

Slept 11 hours last night, much more than I had expected I could, Then settled a million to-dos like water bills, phone bills, cable bills.. cut hair, shape brows, stock up on OJ and fruits… Met Stan for a late dinner at my favorite sushi place in CWB, and tomorrow a new maid will come in to clean my house. I’m officially giving up housekeeping in favor of spending my time on better things like using my new Kindle. Which has been languishing in a terribly unused state since October.

Booked on Shanghai for next weekend!


6 thoughts on “kimrobinson hk fail, but weekend pass.

  1. amandina says:

    i dnt think its nice to shame him publicly lei.. considering there are only 5 stylists incl. mr robinson himself……… BUT DONT GO TO KR HK. THEY GIVE U HK HAIR!

  2. Minli says:

    Cut my hair at kr Singapore my stylist was from kr hk! He was super interested to know who did a bad job over there. Anyways hope you’re having a blast in hk! Pls do late night supper if I ever hv the chance to visit…((::

  3. amandina says:

    minli> my stylist is from kr hk too (i think).. and he told another girlfriend that my botched-job-stylist is supposed to be good!! (wtf)

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