I have missed blogging, and the interesting-looking typology of this new template is making me itch to put out more words. Isn’t it funny? I derive immense pleasure from looking at words, it makes me happy. Whether it’s blogging, or writing about a valuation methodology, it’s all the same. Numbers I can handle as efficiently, but numbers look good only in Arial, or maybe Arial Narrow, if you’re trying to emulate your boss’ preferred font type.

Today we had an interesting conversation about colors. She has noticed that I don’t like coloring my cells in bright yellow. And we have, without discussion, fallen into a comfortable routine of her flagging items for me in neon green, and me flagging items for her in bright yellow. Sometimes we have discussions about the report in highlighted text.

In green neon highlight: insert comps chart for software and games, followed by

In bright yellow highlight: which comps? Big valuation comps or peer comps, followed by

In green neon highlight: peer comps with implied PER

It’s funny to see long strings of words highlighted in clashing colors in the middle of a very serious looking report. This is what they call work in progress, in a few days they would be perfectly formatted and sent to the printers. And my analyst byline is going to be right there.

This is the equal parts satisfaction to the equal parts frustration of my job.


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