hello preview!

amandina * says:
collection nt out?

mysterious male partner says:
still doing

amandina * says:
but shes so pretty dont need much work right..
can i put a preview on my blog

m.m.p says:
me choosing pictures of dresses in itself a difficulty

amandina * says:
can i can i!

m.m.p says:
knock yourself out man
should be up before tomorrow morning

amandina * says:
what the hell is knock urself out
means yes or no

m.m.p says:
knock yourself out is like
go ahead
go crazy with it


Yes, did you know – we have a mysterious male partner working behind the scenes? Who do you think hauled things in and out of vans? And who did you think provided the van (and some of the money) in the first place?


New model (Eug’s super pretty friend), new art direction (look out for m.m.p’s style – which I myself have no clue what to expect), new raving rabid fan all the way from HK (that’s yours truly), new style direction (more Mei’s input now, although this collection was planned before I left for HK.)

Anyways!My absolute favorites from this collection! (P.S. Meimei can you send them to me pleeeeeeease???)

THE party dress

THE simple black dress that takes you everywhere

(You know you agree, and you know you can’t live without essentials like that)

OK I know the picture isn’t exactly showing a black dress, but it comes in black too.

This is just visually the better of the two (note to m.p.p: HINT!!!!! This is my answer to your above question!!)


10 thoughts on “hello preview!

  1. mei says:

    the dresses look super super short on the new model because she’s…. 1.77m tall

    the lengths are unchanged from our previous collections, so they’re still decent lengths suitable for work 🙂

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