My boss told me today that she began a blog. I asked if I could have the address (haha) and she said no. Probably she is bitching about me the same way I bitch about her.  (But no longer…. to disclaim my ass.)

Anyways, I have a new dress! It looks and feels like a carpet. It’s like wearing one! A non-itchy one.

I’m succumbing now, officially, to no-life-ness. Because I have no life and no occasions to take pictures, I have turned my elevator and lift landing into a personal studio. Yehhhh, check this outttt.. (the lift landing today, the last picture was the elevator.) Haha!

OK nighty, stayed until 1am. Pushing boundaries, and risking oversleeping again. Not gooood. But I work much better at night! Pfft.


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