philosophically mommy

amandina * says:
i already found vegetarianrestaurant for u all

Janice says:
everything is about planning. You put big stones(important things to do) in a bottle, still you can put smaller pebbles in, then you realise
that you can still put in sand and not onlly that you can still pour water in. Meaning set your priorities right.
very philosophical right.

amandina * says:
so philosophical until i didnt understand


Do you!?

Does she mean I should not plan what she should eat before she actually arrives?

LOL. I miss my mommyyy…………..


5 thoughts on “philosophically mommy

  1. YuHui says:

    Er…since when was I happening??? HAHAHA

    Unless you count getting off and on a plane a little too often as happening. THAT, I am guilty of. Still working ungodly hours ah?

  2. haha yes i count getting off/on a plane as happening

    and yes – in fact, my hours are even ungodlier these days (1am yesterday, 1230am today)

    i’m just so used to it that ive stopped bitching about it

    methink after this stint, everything in life will be a breeze from now on

    pft. anyways!! how come your jobs dont take you to hk? haha, too many hotels already? šŸ˜›

  3. YuHui says:

    Haiyo the hours are quite bad ah. Actually mine equally bad la – only thing is (I don’t even know if it’s a good thing or bad) that I can bring my laptop home and work while in my PJs.

    Somehow I am more efficient in my PJs. Haha.

    Yeah lo HK no more (or minimal) space to build hotels liao la šŸ˜¦ The nearest I got to Hong Kong was like Shenzhen last Friday. Hahaha. Unless there’s huge valuation projects for hotels in HK – which would unlikely require me since we have an office in HK. Hahahaha

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