Relaxing with a post

I woke up late today, although not by choice. I was supposed to be in at 6.00am to catch an earnings release after US market closed. But I was still sleeping at 750am and my boss had to call me (and I guess that’s how I woke up). Oops. I thought she’d be ready to kill me but strangely she didn’t and it was a good day all in all. I think this work hard and play hard thing is really giving me the adrenaline highs. Especially when you’re gaining more traction, and beginning to receive positive feedback from your boss. Surprise! The dragon lady has nice things to say after all!

The learning trajectory, while phenomenal, has been rewarding. I now know how to do things I never imagined I could barely a few months ago. Although I must sayit is slowly sucking the decency out of me. Today I went in without makeup. In my opinion, that’s even worse than not bathing. It’sreally  rude to present a really nude, as opposed to nudely made-up, face to society. (Taking a leaf out of the books of the Koreans and Japanese here.)

Anyway we had another earnings release today after HK market closed, after we published our note. So my boss and I were both in the office until 1.30am, but by no means were we the last. For some reason, the entire property team was still there. Thinking it’d be nice to not have to jostle and queue, I went supermarketing after work. Am a bit miffed as to why the supermarket keeps  stocking up on ‘no pulp’ orange juice when I only drink ‘most pulp’! 😦

I miss Sebs so much… and I absolutely cannot wait for December! Compliance leave could just be the best thing that ever happened to me this year. Time is flying really quick, only 1 month and 13 days to our deliriously long Xmas+NY break! Am going to get a massage every day while on vacation. God invented spas for a reason.. it is time for me to utilize it wisely and get my neck and shoulders back to non-creaky conditions!


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