Double colonscopy

I’m prepared to stay up all night.. so I guess a 5 minute breather won’t hurt.


Received two funny emails today, one from papa and the other from Van.


From: Fred
To: Amanda
Subject: NUS-Dentsu Course


OMG … lots of pre-reading materials to download and to read for next week course …

Any tips?

Am I supposed to read all over the weekend or read one day before the topics next day?

Absorption will be tough …

From: Amanda
To: Fred
Subject: RE: NUS-Dentsu Course


read each topic before the lecture lah! how can u read all at one shot zz

From: Fred
To: Amanda
Subject: RE: NUS-Dentsu Course

Oh …

How many times must I read ?

And, must I try to memorize ?

This is stressful …

I asked mom to buy some sour things to keep me awak


LOL – with a funny dad like that, how can I not be an easily-amused, happy-go-lucky person?


From: Vanessa
To: Amanda
Subject: Hypothetical visit from me


Just trying to figure out, if I come by hk and visit you this wkend, say arrive 05 nov fri nite 2355 and fly back to sg on 09 nov tue close to noon, will you have house space for me to stay?



LOL – I had to respond that yes hypothetically, I would be able to host her and we are now discussing her hypothetical visit ‘this weekend’ which is say dude, tomorrow!


Anyways finally completed a writeup that I’ve been sitting on for days. We have this workflow system thing at work so my boss KNOWS I’ve been sitting on it for days. Feels good. Now I just gotta work on the model and prep for a 10am conference call tomorrow. That’s why I’m prepared to stay up late.

And that’s why I started doing laundry at 11.20pm at night. It’s to prevent me from succumbing to sleep because even after the clothes are done, I still have to stick it into the drier. Such a brilliant, foolproof strategy if I may say. Should tell my parents to start making my sister – who is sitting for her A levels this year – to start doing the laundry.


Meeting my brother tomorrow night! So excited to see a glimpse of home, even if it’s just my little brother with his girlfriend in tow.


We miss each other so so so so so much, i.e. me and Sebs. Why? I’m so afraid he doesn’t want to marry me you know. Because I cannot imagine myself falling in love with anyone else. This desperation and neediness freaks me out. Totally.


OK. Enough of the double colon signs and I will sign off. Goodnight world! 🙂


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