Precious, stolen time.

I am home early today 🙂

Because my boss left at 7pm, apparently she decided to give herself a break before results season kicks in after US market closes tonight (which is tomorrow 6am). So I decided I would too, and took great pains to ensure I DID NOT BRING WORK HOME.

(I got that idea from reading a self-help article on how to deal with demanding bosses. It was quite useful and I just might put some of the pointers  into practice.)

The logic today is: even if I work hard, there’s so much work left. Might as well screw it for one day, since it doesn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

So I went shopping. I bought a pair of heels, finally, to replace the ones I’ve worn in. I bought a super pretty Longchamp bag because it works out to be cheaper than a Samsonite. (Needed one for my weekend getaway.) Then I bought some super expensive face masks because the sales person convinced me my skin needed salvation FAST. (I agreed.)

Here’s my bag. Hehe, I like the leather horse that’s why I bought it.

Then I bought three very gorgeous apples, because Sebs like good quality fruits and the gorgeous apples looked well, quite gorgeous, and good. Plus the fruitseller looked and acted very experienced. He even offered to help me buy fresh dates from China at wholesale prices, but “can you eat so much?”

Hm, good question. Gotta find another date lover. Sichyi!! I need my ex-flatmate! We used to eat nothing but fresh dates (and still put on weight anyway, wth).

So now I’ve done my laundry (they’re in the drier now), and I’ve finally taken out my clothes steamer from its box and started steaming some really crumpled clothes.

Never underestimate the few precious hours you have after work and before bedtime. You can get so much done.

If you’re spending these hours doing nothing but surfing the internet and generally doing the same thing day in and day out, you’re grossly shortchanging yourself of an abundant life. (That was me, in Singapore, hence the big move.) Just try not to move from prairie to NASA laboratory (an analogy for my transition). Baby steps folks, baby steps.

P.S. Got myself waxed at Strip today while doing a lunch run. The waxing therapists all spend a month in Singapore (at somewhere in Dempsey) learning how to wax people. And yes, they practice on real people, models actually. I asked, hehe.

My boyfriend is reaching me in less than 24 hours! And my home is ready to greet him!! All thanks to my lovely maid and my halfhearted attempts at tidying up hehe.


9 thoughts on “Precious, stolen time.

  1. haha cannot remember what 😛
    why dont u call them n ask who’s my hairstylist?

    he either carges 238 or 288 i think. yeah, anthony sounds just abt right. he is from hk if it helps…. and he goes to butter factory alot? lol. helpful tips for u to go on…… 😛

  2. si chyi says:

    i was having date yesterday (p/s tis is e first time i tried it in sg) and think of u ..
    n i knocked u in fb –> no reply =(..
    n i came here …
    n i saw tis post….

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