A tip for men (if there are any reading my blog)

I just spoke to Sebs. He sounds very amused, after listening to my little 10-minute rant.

“Sweetie, I’m whining.”

Yes you are.

“You know I hate complaining and whining.. but, but.. but.. I don’t know what else to do!!”


He must be delighted beyond words that his Amandina is starting to rethink the whole career woman thing.

Tip to men who think woman should remain constructively employed but not too important (so that she can come home at a decent hour to take care of the family, house and all that jazz): let her do it. The scarier the job prospect, the better. She will come running back to you and wanting to marry you and have an ‘easy’ life.

Which is not to say I’ve given up. Reiterate: I don’t give up, not planning to either. I’m just increasingly thinking that I can’t do this for more than 2 years. I need balance in my life. Taureans need balance, and they’re zodiacally very lazy. Hence we need a lot of R&R.



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